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Unemployed MEN!

This may be a sensitive topic for some. I know for me it’s kind of touchy, I’m literally cringing as I write this but it needs to be addressed.

I am in my 30’s and in my past I have dealt with unemployed gentlemen (when I was in my 20’s). I have recently dated a guy who is also in his 30’s and jobless. He tries to take me on dates that are inexpensive or he’ll just tell me we can’t go anywhere because “he doesn’t have it”. Needless to say I don’t go on dates with this guy anymore.

I’m cringing as I write this because I really don’t and can’t understand a GROWN MAN not having a job. I am digging deep within me trying to find some type of sympathy, but its no where to be found. 

Once we went on a date to Olive Garden where I was only allowed to eat the salad and he ate the soup. The total for the meal came out to around I think $10.00. The part that really got to me is he didn’t leave a TIP! I said something about it and he still didn’t budge. Okay, so I know you’re thinking “why didn’t you leave a tip”? well guys I didn’t have cash on me, I actually told him that he could have gave me the cash and let me pay with my card so that I can at least leave a TIP. 

Another date we went on the lady that sat next to us at the bar paid for our drinks. Guys, as soon as she offered and paid he hurried up and and gathered our things so we could leave. I’m thinking he did that so he wouldn’t have to pay for the next round of drinks. 

My personal feelings about a jobless man 

My personal feelings about a “jobless man” are as follows; no matter what, you should be bringing in some type of income, rather you have to scrub floors or flip burgers. “Can I get a AMEN”!

No woman should have to carry the responsibilities on her own because her man is an aspiring rapper or singer, or because he can’t handle someone giving him orders. 

In conclusion, GET A DAMN JOB!



Polygamy- Is it selfishness?

As I was strolling through my YouTube today I came across a video from the local radio station here in Houston interviewing a family that practiced Polygamy.

Now, I am not the type to instantly judge but their situation wasn’t normal. This particular family formed because the “husband” in the relationship got caught cheating on his wife. When the wife found out that her husband was cheating she decided to meet the “side piece”.

Needless to say they decided to form a Polygamist relationship. The thing that caught my attention was when the interviewer asked the husband if it was okay if the woman wanted to bring another man into their marriage. Well the answer to that question was NO.

I instantly got irritated because that is not fair. Why should the guy get to have two woman? Why should the guy get to keep his side piece and his wife?

Now on the other hand I watched another video with a guy named Brother Polight, he is also a Polygamist. He explained that by practicing Polygamy it helps with raising a family. Brother Polight sees his family as a business structure. In the video I watched he broke down the fact that there isn’t enough time in the day to work, clean, eat, bath, take care of your children, and relax if you’re doing it all yourself. Although I didn’t want to I kinda agreed with that statement. Honestly it still doesn’t justify why he needs several wives. there are alternatives that can assist if you don’t have enough time in the day, like getting a Nanny.

I feel like Polygamy is a male dominated relationship and its for the mans own selfish needs. I may be wrong but in the first video below that’s the vibe I got. Now in the second video Brother Poilight made some good points but I still feel like Polygamy is a selfish act that is beneficial to men.

Here are the two videos I watched on YouTube.

The First video I referenced

The Second video I reference with Brother Polight
Girl talk

Girl Let’s Talk About Dating Over 30

Let’s talk about dating in your 30s. My question is, should we date men that are older than us to get better results? The reason I’m asking is because since I’ve been divorced dating has been horrible! The men are either too into themselves, too boring, orrrr they’re are just pure manipulators. Am I wrong? One question men ask on dates that gets under my skin is the infamous ‘what do you like to do for fun’? I know it’s weird but if I were to be honest with them I would come off as the most boringness person in the world. Since being divorced i’ve just now found a little piece of my self, so I’m still a work in progress. I say all this to say when I’m asked that question my answer is ‘nothing’.